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Painters Paradise Valley

Painters Mesa is a trusted and reliable painting company that has served thousands of customers over the years. They provide high-quality services at affordable prices, and their team of experienced professionals is dedicated to meeting the needs of each customer. They are service-oriented, and they always deliver an outstanding experience for each customer.

Our expertise means job satisfaction

We have a wide range of services that you can choose from when it comes to your painting needs. Quality and affordability are the top priorities in every project we do, which is why most people who come to us never regret hiring us for their projects. Our quality control team makes sure that every unit going out of the store looks perfect and attractive. We only use top-of-the-line materials so you can expect nothing but perfection on your walls or any surface we paint on.


Our Services

Exterior Painting Paradise Valley

Exterior Painting is a process that should be considered carefully. It can have long-term effects on the appearance of your property, and these impacts will only grow over time. Staining, sealing, or painting exterior wood can affect the way that sunlight interacts with your home's exterior, causing variances across colors and tones.

Stucco Repair Paradise Valley

Stucco is a unique material that requires specific care and maintenance. This blog post has outlined the different ways you can go about protecting your stucco, including how to maintain its color with periodic painting or by using stains. As long as you take these precautions into account when designing your home’s exterior, it will last for many years!

Interior Painting Paradise Valley

The goal of interior painting is to create the perfect environment for your home. It’s that time in which you can truly show off what makes your family unique, and that includes showing how much love you have put into every detail. Sometimes it takes a professional eye to see all the nuances in our homes - but when they do, there are often many surprises!

Drywall Repair Paradise Valley

Drywall repair is a difficult undertaking for many homeowners. They often have to choose between paying someone else to do the work or doing it themselves, which can be expensive and time-consuming. If you are looking for an affordable way to fix your drywall problems without having to go through all of this trouble yourself, there’s good news! We offer quick, efficient service that will get any job done right the first time around.

Commercial Painting Paradise Valley

Commercial painting is a process that should only be entrusted to professionals. It's a big job that can have a huge impact on your business, so it's important to make sure you hire a company you can trust. Commercial painting isn't just about slapping some paint on a wall and calling it a day. Commercial painting is an entire process that includes stripping, surface preparation and priming, and then applying the finish coat.